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7 Essential Appliance Repair Tips for St Augustine, Florida

January 3, 2016

Washer and dryer appliance repair in St Augustine, Florida

It is not as difficult as one may think to find authorized dealers and technicians in St Augustine, Florida who can complete appliance repair on refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners and microwaves. It is never a good idea to attempt appliance repair without the help of a St Augustine professional, and in certain cases it can be dangerous. For this reason, the best course of action is to contact an authorized technician in Florida when appliances become defective. However, it is possible for consumers to complete some appliance repairs without such help if they adhere to simple safety procedures. Below are some tips that will help both technicians and homeowners do their appliance repair:

Appliance Repair Warranty Information

The first thing a consumer should do this check to see if there is still an active warranty on the appliance. Most new models sold in St Augustine, Florida come with warranties, but these may be nullified if a person attempts to repair the appliance, rather than contact an authorized repair shop.

Age of the Appliance

The next thing the consumer should do is check to see if it is possible to determine why the appliance malfunctioned in the first place, and subsequently discover which replacement parts are needed.

Professional Appliance Repair in St Augustine, Florida

It is always wise to contact a trained repair technician in St Augustine, Florida to help troubleshoot various issues. Such individuals can usually pinpoint which parts are defective in a short length of time, and they also know where such parts can be acquired if replacement is necessary.

Appliance Repair Safety

Safety should be considered first by any consumer attempting any type of appliance repair. This is also true for St Augustine, Florida professionals, and therefore the appliance should be turned off and unplugged before anyone begins repair work.


Having appropriate lighting and space in which to work is also essential. The area should be well lighted and there should be plenty of space for the appliance itself, as well as spare parts and tools.

Avoiding Injury during Appliance Repair

Many appliances are heavy and some have sharp edges. Therefore, it is wise for anyone doing appliance repair work to have help to lift and maneuver the object on which they are working.


Among other important factors are having the appropriate tools for the job and making sure that the correct owner's manual is there for reference.

Tools for Appliance Repair in St Augustine, Florida

Professional technicians in St Augustine, Florida realize that it is essential to work with specific tools, depending on the job they are completing. An OHM/voltage meter is one tool that is frequently used by technicians, as it measures resistance levels. Tools such as this provide a wealth of information about all kinds of electrical issues, such as shorts in the wires. In certain cases, the issue is not directly related to the appliance itself, but rather to the outlet in the home.

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